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Is there any possibility to create a single tile map that can be used for iPhone(Normal&Retina) and iPad.

If Can't what is the alternative?

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I also encountered this dilemma, and after a night of finding solutions, this is what I've found out.

You only need ONE .tmx file, and it should just be for the non-iphone resolution.

If you'd like to support all iOS devices, you'd have something like this in your Xcode Project:

  • TileMap.tmx
  • TileAtlas.png
  • TileAtlas-hd.png
  • TileAtlas-ipadhd.png
  • TileMap-ipad.png (optional) <- if you haven't set the ipad suffix to "-hd"
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>>> awesome bro...gr8... –  Veera Raj Jan 18 '13 at 5:58

Take a look at Tiled. When building a universal app, it's a good idea to generate your (vector) art at the highest required resolution, and scale that same artwork down for every lower resolution device.

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>>nice to hear that buddy. Will try and let u know the result..Thanks a lot... –  Veera Raj Dec 11 '12 at 5:31

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