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I am using cakephp 2.1 and developing an application it contains more content. So I wanna use xml for uploading the content. Where in xml I am specifying url for image like this But I used cakephp uploader plugin from this website for image upload so Its giving me an error like "Please upload image photo".

This plugin needs an array like

   'name' => '', 
   'type' => '', 
   'tmp_name' => '', 
   'error' => '', 'size' => ''

So I am not getting like this when I am specifying url in xml. Please help me I am struggling from many days. The work will be more appreciable.

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You will have to download the image to a tmp location and set the tmp_name to that location. You can use file_get_contents from php or HttpSocket from cake.

You will need to avoid using the usual php is_uploaded checks as the file would not have been uploaded.

You will want to add a bit more security to make sure people dont put scripts or other things for uploading as that can be a security issue.

example using HttpSocket. After the upload is done you could do $Download->file->path() to get its location.

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