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What are the appropriate file permissions for a website which can be updated by either Git (e.g. core app files), FTP (e.g. plugins) or upload forms (e.g. images)?

Users involved:

  • root
  • apache
  • ftpuser

Wordpress would be a good example:

FTP updates change the owner to ftpuser:ftpuser.

Uploaded images are assigned to the apache:apache user by default.

Git updates change everything to root:root.

Most people recommend 755 for folders and 644 for files, assuming everything is owned by the same user, which of course is not the case.

I could create an additional group named web, assign it to all of the above users and simply chown -R root:web, but then I would have to set the default group to web for all these users, which is not something I'm comfortable with.

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  1. I think you could reconfigure Git to use an SSH key owned by apache:apache, which would make the file owner apache:apache. (Haven't tried this one myself.)
  2. Check the available options & configuration for your FTP server -- you might be able to run the FTP server as apache:apache, instead of ftpuser:ftpuser. If you support other FTP services that require an FTP server running under ftpuser:ftpuser, you might still be able to do this by running the (second) apache:apache FTP server on a different port.
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