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select (cast(datediff(minute,'1900-01-01 07:03:00.000' ,'1900-01-01 10:35:00.000')

as decimal(18,4))/60)

Even though the decimal places are set to 4, it returns 3.5333333 instead of 3.5333

Please help me return 3.5333 (4 decimal places)


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Put the /60 in the cast and change it to 60.0 to have a decimals.

select (cast(datediff(minute,'1900-01-01 07:03:00.000' ,'1900-01-01 10:35:00.000')/60.0

as decimal(18,4)))
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You need to do your division before casting:

   cast(datediff(minute, '1900-01-01 07:03:00.000', '1900-01-01 10:35:00.000') / 60.0 
        as decimal(18,4))

Then you get:


Casting to decimal(18,4) and then doing a division by 60 sort of "invalidates" your formatting - SQL Server will show all the numeric precision of that division by 60 again...

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