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If I create a REST enabled WCF Service, can it also be AJAX enabled? Is there a WCF Service which can combine both together? REST-Enabled and AJAX-Enabled WCF Service. Any sample code?




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-1 Hard to know how to answer this, except to suggest you read up on the definitions of REST and AJAX. –  JcFx Dec 7 '12 at 15:25
Please see my updated. –  Love Dec 7 '12 at 15:45

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Both terms "REST" and "AJAX" have way too many meanings. Depending on what you mean by them, the answer to your question can be yes or no.

AJAX by itself just means an asynchronous request made by JavaScript (originally only involving XML, but later expanded to cover other formats as well). In this context, WCF REST services are AJAX enabled - meaning that they can be called by JavaScript (typically in browser-based applications).

However, the link you sent talks about the "AJAX-enabled WCF Service" template. That template creates (and configures) a WCF service to be used by a specific AJAX framework (namely, ASP.NET AJAX). That framework provides a "script manager", which can create a proxy from the service created with that template. So if you look at AJAX in this specific context (conforming to this framework, with a way to create a script "proxy"), then no, a "regular" WCF REST service is not AJAX-enabled.

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