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I am loading an entire HTML page and want to get all content between specific tags. For this I'm doing:

articleXpathQueryString = @"//article/div[@class='entry breadtext']";
articleNodes = [articleParser searchWithXPathQuery:articleXpathQueryString];
item.content = [self recursiveHTMLIterator:articleNodes content:@""];

And then I have a recursive function which attempts to sum up the content from all child nodes as well as their HTML tags:

-(NSString*) recursiveHTMLIterator:(NSArray*)elementArray content:(NSString*)content {
for(TFHppleElement *element in elementArray) {
    if(![element hasChildren]) {
        //The element has no children
    } else {
        //The element has children
        NSString *tmpStr = [[element firstChild] content];

        if(tmpStr != nil) {
            NSString *css = [element tagName];
            content = [content stringByAppendingString:[self createOpenTag:css]];
            content = [content stringByAppendingString:tmpStr];
            content = [content stringByAppendingString:[self createCloseTag:css]];

        NSString *missingStr = [[element firstTextChild] content];
        if(![missingStr isEqualToString:tmpStr]) {
            if(missingStr != nil) {
                NSString *css= [element tagName];
                content = [content stringByAppendingString:[self createOpenTag:css]];
                content = [content stringByAppendingString:missingStr];
                content = [content stringByAppendingString:[self createCloseTag:css]];

        content = [self recursiveHTMLIterator:element.children content:content];
return content;

However, even though the result is somehow satisfactory, it doesn't acquire img tags and messes up a bit when the HTML is of following format:

This text is not parsed because it skips it after it acquires <strong>-</strong>, this is why I have the second if-statement which catches up "missing strings", but they are inserted in the wrong order

So my question is, should i continue trying to get the recursive method to parse properly, or is there any easier way to acquire the desired HTML (which I then use within a web view). What I'm looking for is all the content withing

<article> THIS </article>.

In orther words, I would like to do something like this with TFHpple (though the code does not work):

articleXpathQueryString = @"//article/div[@class='entry breadtext']";
articleNodes = [articleParser searchWithXPathQuery:articleXpathQueryString];
item.content = [articleParser allContentAsString];    //I simply want everything in articleParser in a string format
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Ok I finally figured this out... I hope this helps if anyone is as stupid as me:

All that needs to be done is to load the URL into a webview and then simply do a simple javascript query as follows (in webViewDidFinishLoad):

NSString *bread_text = [webView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:@"document.getElementsByClassName('entry breadtext')[0].innerHTML"];

To get all the content within a well known class. Now I need to figure out how to load it without displaying the webview first but this seems alot easier than iterating through an XML structure :)

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I'm facing the same challenge but am trying to avoid a webView due to load time and memory cost (depending on the content). My only other option is nested searchWithXPathQuery calls with a more restrictive/targeted XPath string to grab the targeted data. It would be beneficial if a method were developed to abstract a slice of the query and throw it back into another XPathQuery. –  Dan Dec 8 '12 at 2:15
Yes the current solution is indeed bad and slow, I'm looking at it at the moment and will come back when I find a better solution. –  Oberheim Dec 8 '12 at 10:37

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