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I want to test effect of network connection drop exactly before the execution of specific line of a program. Such as consider this execution sequence:

1. Connect to database.
2. Get country list from database.
3. Get a random country from list.
4. Get city list of this country from database.

I want to test behavior of program if network connection drops just before statement 4. I'm able test it with debugger by putting a break point, closing database when it hits break point, and then continuing to run program.

I wonder how can I accomplish this in a more systematic and robust way.

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Maybe you can use an aspect or something like that in a test to trigger on whatever method corresponds to step 4. –  AHungerArtist Dec 7 '12 at 15:08

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Let's make the assumption that the 4 lines of pseudo code are in MyService, and that MyService uses MyDAO to access the database, you would have the following:

public class MyService {

    private MyDAO myDAO;

    public MySErvice(MyDAO myDAO) {
        this.myDAO = myDAO;

    public List<City> getRandomCityList() {
        List<Country> countries = myDAO.getCountries();
        Country c = pickRandom(countries);
        return myDAO.getCities(country);

To test it, use a mocking framework like Mockito to mock MyDAO, and inject this mock into a MyService instance. Make the mock throw the same exception as the one thrown by a real MyDAO when the network goes down when its getCities() method is thrown, and see is MyService does the right thing:

MyDAO mockDAO = mock(MyDAO.class);
List<Country> countries = Arrays.asList(new Country(...));
when(mockDAO.getCities((Country) any(Country.class))).thenThrow(new NetworkIsDownException());

MyService underTest = new MyService(mockDAO);
// TODO call underTest.getRandomCityList() and check that it does what it should do.
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A non-portable solution could be to modify the firewall rules of the system your test is running on, e.g. on Linux using iptables, to drop the packages and thus simulate a network outage.

A more portable solution could be to wrap the URI your database is connecting to around some proxy that can simulate network outages, much like ActiveMQ's SocketProxy. This only works if your API connects to your database using an URI, though.

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