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I've create a ParticleSystem in Ogre so that my object emitt, suppose, a lot of star.

My question is: how can I realize the interaction of this stars with the environment and the objects in the scene too? but more importantly, can I do this issue with ParticleSystem?

Any help will be appreciated!


I'm trying to use inside my particle file:

affector DeflectorPlane {
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A DeflectorPlane supports as the name suggests only a single plane of which particles can bounce of (see entry in Ogre manual).

Having particles bounce of arbitrary surfaces involves a lot of heavy collision detection and is therefore a task that is not in the responsibility of a rending but a physics engine, hence Ogre3D has no out-of-the-box support for this requirement.

But there are four different options in terms of already existing Ogre3D physics engine wrappers: Newton, Bullet, PhysX and ODE. Each of the wrappers has its own dedicated section in the Ogre Addons forum with further information and links.

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