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I've had an app on Google Play for a little while now which hasn't historically been obfuscated. From time to time there will be an error on the user's device and I will get a report through the Android Developer Console Application Error Reports, which lets me see a stack trace of the crash which I can use to fix the bug. I've just released a new version of my app which is obfuscated for the first time (ProGuard), and am curious whether I can use the ProGuard retrace tool to de-obfuscate the Stack Traces reported through the Android Developer Console specifically.

I have read the Decoding Obfuscated Stack Traces section here, but I'm still not certain what the format is of the stack trace file (or standard input) that the retrace command accepts and whether this is the same format errors are reported in by the Android Developer Console Error Reports. I've kept the all important mapping.txt file. Basically all I want to know is, when the first new error stack trace rolls into the Android Developer Console, is it going to be presented in a format that I can run the retrace tool on, or, do I need to be collecting stack traces in some other specific format using some other tool if I want a hope of reconstructing the stack trace using retrace?

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ReTrace should work fine for these stack traces; they're like ordinary Java stack traces. If you ever get stack traces in a format that ReTrace doesn't recognize, you can still specify a custom regular expression with ReTrace's -regex option.

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