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I am using OpenGL ES 1.1 in iOS 5.0 , and I want to draw a sphere with a texture mapped. The texture will be a map of the world, which is a .png with an alpha channel. I want that to see the other part of the globe by the inside.

However, I obtain this strange effect and I don't know why this is happening.

I'm exporting from Blender using this script: https://github.com/jlamarche/iOS-OpenGLES-Stuff/tree/master/Blender%20Export/objc_blend_2.62

I've already tried to reverse the orientation of the normals but it didn't help.

I don't want to activate culling because I want to see both faces.


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not that i know it, but maybe you need to texture outside AND inside of the sphere, just a thought though – einSelbst Jan 23 '13 at 0:58

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