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I have a loop in wich I have to receive N bytes of data using a socket

int bytesRead = 0;
int offset = 0;

    var buffer = new byte[N - offset];
    bytesRead = socket.Receive(buffer, 0, buffer.Length, SocketFlags.None);
    Buffer.BlockCopy(buffer, 0, packet.Buffer, offset, bytesRead);
    offset += bytesRead;

    // Thread.Sleep(How much have I to sleep?);
while (offset < N);

packet.Buffer is where I store all data.

Should I use Thread.Sleep between a socket reception and another to wait that enough data has arrived? If yes, how many milliseconds?

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Note that the data will also be buffered at lower levels of abstraction, so that will likely prevent you from getting overly small amounts of data at once. –  Servy Dec 7 '12 at 15:37

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There is no need to sleep - the socket.Receive call will block until data is available.

From the relevant MSDN page

...If no data is available for reading, the Receive method will block until data is available...

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Definitely not. It is literally a waste of time. The receive will block until data or EOS arrives, and it will block for exactly the correct length of time. Adding a sleep is pointless.

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