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When I make a module of linux, it prompt that "/home/mynfs/linux/scripts/recordmcount: No such file or directory", what's wrong with it? ps:"/home/mynfs/linux/" is the source of linux

[root@localhost yiran]# make CONFIG_NFS_ACL_SUPPORT=m -C /home/mynfs/linux M=/home/mynfs/linux/fs/nfs_common modules make: Entering directory `/home/mynfs/linux'

WARNING: Symbol version dump /home/mynfs/linux/Module.symvers is missing; modules will have no dependencies and modversions.

CC [M] /home/mynfs/linux/fs/nfs_common/nfsacl.o

/bin/sh: /home/mynfs/linux/scripts/recordmcount: No such file or directory

make[1]: * [/home/mynfs/linux/fs/nfs_common/nfsacl.o] Error 1 make: * [module/home/mynfs/linux/fs/nfs_common] Error 2 make: Leaving directory `/home/mynfs/linux'

[root@localhost yiran]# ls /home/mynfs/linux/scripts | grep recordmcount



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you should build recordmcount by doing

make recordmcount

in /home/mynfs/linux/scripts

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It's actually make scripts, recordmcount is not a directory. – Dan Berindei Aug 13 '13 at 23:05

I had the same problem, and just making recordmcount solved it partially. There were other scripts/* modules missing.

The following command built all the modules that were missing for me:

 cd $(sysroot)/usr/src/linux (in your case it should be /home/mynfs/linux)
 make scripts

Then all the scripts modules were built and I had no further problems compiling kernel modules.

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