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How can I change the overlay title background width in Fancybox 2 to the image width? I tried to change in CSS the .fancybox-title-overlay-wrap width to 100%, but this isn't good.

here is the code:

.fancybox-title-overlay-wrap {
     width: 100%;
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Any example, code or link will help. – Gurpreet Singh Dec 7 '12 at 15:52
ok, here is it... – netdjw Dec 7 '12 at 15:54
to be honest, I have never seen the .fancybox-title-overlay-wrap selector: am I missing something? – JFK Dec 7 '12 at 18:53
+1 Great Question! – arttronics Jan 7 '13 at 8:30

Fancybox title's size is calculated dynamically so you cannot set the width with css because the value will be overwritten anyways. You would need to calculate the the width of the current image and set the title size accordingly, using a callback.

If the title type is the default float, then use something like :

    afterShow: function() {
        var imageWidth = $(".fancybox-image").width();
        $(".fancybox-title-float-wrap .child").css({
            "width": imageWidth


On the other hand, if the title type is over, then it's a bit more complex but you could do :

    helpers: {
        title: {
            type: "over"
    afterShow: function() {
        var imageWidth = $(".fancybox-image").width();
            "width": imageWidth,
            "paddingLeft": 0,
            "paddingRight": 0,
            "textAlign": "center"

See this other JSFIDDLE

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+1 Excellent Answer! I always prefer using a callback for custom CSS modifications which allows the original Fancybox Titlebar to operate as intended, when required. I like your 2nd fiddle as a Titlebar Overlay... nice! Here's your first jsFiddle tweaked. Cheers! – arttronics Jan 7 '13 at 9:19

jsFiddle DEMO

Whenever I see a question about how to mod a plugins CSS, I quickly turn to Firefox and it's unique CSS Live editing capabilities.

Launching a jsFiddle with Fancybox images, I hover over the Fancybox Title area and right mouse-click to choose Inspect Element. Once I see the Inspector Panel, I then press the 2nd icon from the Left Side to pop-up the HTML Panel to look at the DOM layout of elements on the webpage.

Here, in the general Title area, I do see classname .fancybox-title as the element to target. I then add-in an extra attribute for that style to make width 100%except it didn't change the visual width of the black Title bar.

However, I do see a span with the actual Title text with classname of child. I Inspect that and give it also a value of 100% and the full width of the Title bar is realized, but looks much better at 93% percent since the curved black corners add to the overall visual width.

It's then noticed that when text is too long, it exceeds outside the Fancybox full width title area. I then understand that two settings are needed. I change that 93% width on .fancybox-title to auto and the second setting is a min-width with value of 93% for .fancybox-title .child selector.


.fancybox-title {
  width: 100%;

.fancybox-title .child {
  width: auto;    /* Here we define width as auto, so it's always the correct size for overflowing Title text. */
  min-width: 93%; /* When text is not flowing over, the black Title bar is 93% of Fancybox width. */

For certain CSS problems that are buggy, I use Firefox 3D View which allows you to rotate and zoom the stage, to pick at the CSS as layers. You'll see that button on the right side.

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