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According official manuals, i tested this code:

wxProcess * proc = wxProcess::Open("C:\\windows\\notepad.exe");

but this code doesn't work properly, i see working notepad process in System Manager, but there is no notepad windows and etc. Also if i start console application - no text neither in new console window nor in mine.

How to fix that? Thanks!

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If you need neither IO redirection nor process termination notification, the simplest way to launch a process is to use wxExecute with wxEXEC_ASYNC flag.

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Provided code works fine for me with any other application, e.g. calc.

wxProcess * process = wxProcess::Open(wxT("calc"));
wxLogDebug(wxT("Process: %s"), process != NULL ? wxT("OK") : wxT("Error"));

Shows OK and calc window appears.

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