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I have a class Employee

import javax.swing.*;
public abstract  class Employee {
    public static void  searchEmp(int id) {
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "done");

Now I have another class test:

public class `test` {
   public static void main(String args[]) {
     searchEmp(2);// here my programme give error

I want to call the searchEmp() which is part of Employee from a class test but it gives an error. Please suggest any solution without inheritance.

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3 Answers 3

You have to call Employee.searchEmp().

The static method searchEmp() is still a member of the class Employee and you must make a static call via its class.

Also the class Employee must be visible to the class test, otherwise you have to import it. I assume the two classes reside in the same package so this will not be a problem in your case.

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Static methods and properties are bound to class. So you need to use ClassName.methodName or ClassName.propertyName.

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Your Test class doesnt have a static searchEmp(int) method, thus the error:

 searchEmp(2);// here my programme give error

should be


static methods are called using ClassName.staticMethod()

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