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I have a rails migration and I am most probably doing something incorrect here but the migration is ---

class CreateStates < ActiveRecord::Migration

def change

create_table :states do |t|
  t.string      :state_legacy_id
  t.string      :name, :length => 20
  t.string      :abbreviation, :length => 2
add_index   :states, :id



But when i go into mysql database and look at the table the name table as well as the abbreviation table have a length of varchar/ 255 What is about my limit statement that is incorrect.

I have tried both with and without quotes, so :limit => 20 and :limit => "20" both product tables with varchar 255.

Any suggestions will be welcome.


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i believe it's called limit - not length

e.g. :limit => 2

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I knew i was doing something stupid !!. Thanks. –  deepinder Dec 7 '12 at 17:23

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