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Sorry for the question but I'm at the end of my wits. I'm very far from Eclipse plugin development and Java in general.

Eclipse version - Juno.

I needed to customize DSF-GDB plugin of Eclipse-CDT. I downloaded CDT sources, created a PDE project, imported there org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb plugin, fixed configuration errors so that the project could be built. I did my change (removal of one baneful line) Then I exported my plugin via Export...->Deployable Plug-ins and Features and got my JAR file.

I've seen a couple of questions at StackOverflow regarding installation of such plugins so I put my JAR file under dropins folder. But it seems it hadn't been included for I didn't observe it neither under About Eclipse SDK->Installation Details->Plugins nor under Preferred Launchers (there was only the old one).

I thought probably it was because there could not be two instances of the plugin at the same time. So I tried to remove the original one from under plugins directory. It didn't help though, DSF-GDB integration disappeared completely.

How do I install my plugin properly?

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Eclipse knows the current version of each installed plugin and will sometimes not make changes if a plugin is re-installed with the same plugin version or if the version changes but only minor metadata has changed.

So try:

  • Increment the version number of the plugin
  • Re-install by putting it in dropins
  • Restart Eclipse with the -clean option
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Unfortunately it hasn't helped. Can the reason be in connection between the plugin and the feature which contains it? Do I need to change the feature too? And is there any way to examine Eclipse's startup process to see which plugins were picked up and which were not and why? –  krokoziabla Dec 9 '12 at 10:45
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Well, I've managed to do this. Thanks to @Chris Gerken for suggesting the direction of investigation.

First I tried to follow the advice of Chris but it didn't help. Then I decided to approach from other side and reinstall the plugin with p2 platform. I used my plugin project, created a new feature project and an update site project so that I could select it in p2 dialog box. I failed to install the plugin in this way because p2 said that two versions of the same plugin could not be present at the same time. I wonder why didn't it offer me to choose between the one I wanted to install and the other that already had been?

Anyway I abandoned it and decided again to ask google. I came across this wiki page and learnt that there existed a wonderful file called bundles.info. It contains the whole list of plugins in plugin/ directory which should be picked up. I found there my plugin, changed its version, copied JAR file into plugin/ directory and ran eclipse -clean. And voilà tout! Eclipse started to work with my plugin.

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