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I'm looking for solution in the C programming language to remove this warning:

Comparison between signed and unsigned warning

Instead of just do a cast to unsigned in the variable of int type, I thought as the following:

  size_t name_size = 0;
#define INT_TYPE size_t
  int name_size = 0;
  #define INT_TYPE int

and then:

if(.. && name_size++ >= (INT_TYPE)sizeof(name)) {

How do you fix it?

also, suggestions to name of macro INT_TYPE are apprecited too.

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Your example is flawed: however you put it you should always use size_t when comparing against the result of sizeof. I.e. there's no reason to make name_size into an int.

As a general note, just use the "natural" signedness for that variable. It boils down to one question: is name_size supposed to ever be negative ?

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