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I am talking about Wordpress localization/internationalization.

I have a two templates done by third party. And they made them child templates of twentyten. Seemingly they kept the template files with internationalized strings with the text-domain as 'twentyten'. Now that I have prepared the two sites for bilingual English/Arabic ready. I found that I need an unique text domain to be used. I have used the site specific keywords.

While generating the .po file I found that all the _e(), __(), _x(), _n() function contents got merged into the .po file but as my functions.php contains one text-domain with the function load_theme_textdomain. Only those strings having this text domain shows translated. Others appear in English.

I want to hear from experienced developers. How do they co-exist this sort of scenario. I am now converting all the text-domains into one so that my site just looks good. But am I just working extra or there were easy or modularized way of doing so.

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You might manage child's theme translated strings using load_child_theme_text_domain(). It is the right way for translating on a parent-child theme scenario. This way you can use strings from parent for some uses, and strings from childs for the others.

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Thanks. I am looking for a detailed answer for maintaining the .po and .mo for parent and child themes together. – Lenin Dec 19 '12 at 15:33

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