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I need to filter a record set like

OrderShippedDate - 20 days <-- Get all orders with a ShippedDate 20 days ago

var orders = ctx.Orders.Where(p => p.OrderShippedDate == 20) <---??? not sure what I need here .ToList();

How do I do a date diff in EF / LINQ?

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I would suggest you work out your parameters locally, and then pass those in. It's not clear from your description whether you mean exactly 20 days ago, more than 20 days ago, or less than 20 days ago, which makes it hard to give you concrete advice, but if it's "more than 20 days ago" you might use something like:

var upperBound = DateTime.Today.AddDays(-20);
var orders = ctx.Orders.Where(p => p.OrderShippedDate < upperBound);
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