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I am trying to send an snmp message with snmptrap from the commandline, and the manual isn't super clear.

I have managed to send the example message successfully ( == where I'm sending the messages to)

snmptrap -v 1 -c private NET-SNMP-EXAMPLES-MIB::netSnmpExampleHeartbeatNotification "" 6 17 "" netSnmpExampleHeartbeatRate i 13546 

But when I want to send a resynchronisation message such as:

snmptrap -v 1 -c private HW-IMAPV1NORTHBOUND-TRAP-MIB::hwNmNorthboundEventSynchronizationCommandStart  

I need to add a few more arguements. I've tried adding myip:myport:date:date or just myip:myport, but no success. I'm not too clear on what should be the following arguements. The man page:

snmptrap -v 1 [COMMON OPTIONS] [-Ci] enterprise-oid agent generic-trap specific-trap uptime [OID TYPE VALUE]

What should be the generic-trap, specific-trap etc?

From the MIB files:


hwNmNorthboundEventSynchronizationCommandStart OBJECT-TYPE SYNTAX OCTET STRING ACCESS read-write STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION

Format to omit dst flag:- IP:port:start time:end time:timezone, will consider the dstflag to be 0

Does someone have a bit more experience than me with SNMP to understand what I need to put in the command line arguements?


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I don't know if I should delete this question, or leave it, but my problem was partly because somehow the mib file was no read, and I had to use the OID directly. Otherwise the "arguments" depends on the mib file, the 6 is always 6, the 17 on the otherhand should correspond to the last number in the oid of the mib..

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