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I am using joomla 2.5.8 with a component "fox contact form(". I want to add different receipt emails with different department with a drop down menu. How can I add this? Please suggest me some code or a trick? Many Thanks in advance.

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This post seems to be 3 months old from this time. But I would like to contribute for future visitors for reference.

You will have to modify "fadminmailer.php file" in the "components\com_foxcontact\helpers"


if (strpos($this->body(),'I have a complaint to make') !== false){
  $this->set_to($mail, "to_complain", "addRecipient");
} else $this->set_to($mail, "to_information", "addRecipient");
  $this->set_to($mail, "cc_address", "addCC");
  $this->set_to($mail, "bcc_address", "addBCC");
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