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I have a bit of code that is causing my page to load pretty slow (49 queries in 128 ms). This is the landing page for my site -- so it needs to load snappily.

The following is my that creates a feed of latest updates on the site and is causing the slowest load times from what I can see in the Debug toolbar:

def product_feed(request):
    """ Return all site activity from friends, etc. """
    latestparts = Part.objects.all().prefetch_related('uniparts').order_by('-added')
    latestdesigns = Design.objects.all().order_by('-added')
    latest = list(latestparts) + list(latestdesigns)
    latestupdates = sorted (latest, key = lambda x: x.added, reverse = True)
    latestupdates = latestupdates [0:8]
    # only get the unique avatars that we need to put on the page so we're not pinging for images for each update
    uniqueusers = User.objects.filter(id__in = Part.objects.values_list('adder', flat=True))
    return render_to_response("homepage.html", {
    "uniqueusers": uniqueusers,
    "latestupdates": latestupdates
    }, context_instance=RequestContext(request))

The query that causes the most time seem to be:

  latest = list(latestparts) + list(latestdesigns) (25ms)

There is another one that's 17ms (sitewide annoucements) and 25ms (adding tagged items on each product feed item) respectively that I am also investigating.

Does anyone see any ways in which I can optimize the loading of my activity feed?

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You never need more than 8 items, so limit your queries. And don't forget to make sure that added in both models is indexed.

latestparts = Part.objects.all().prefetch_related('uniparts').order_by('-added')[:8]
latestdesigns = Design.objects.all().order_by('-added')[:8]

For bonus marks, eliminate the magic number.

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Sorry, noob here. What do you mean by 'limit your queries'. What do you mean by 'magic number'? I'm going to research indexing now and exactly what that does/means. – user1328021 Dec 7 '12 at 19:34
Oops figured out what you mean by the first one. – user1328021 Dec 7 '12 at 19:41

After making those queries a bit faster, you might want to check out memcache to store the most common query results.

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Moreover, I believe adder is ForeignKey to User model.

Part.objects.distinct().values_list('adder', flat=True)

Above line is QuerySet with unique addre values. I believe you ment exactly that.

It saves you performing a subuery.

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