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I found this in the System class, but I want to know how this is implemented.

     * System properties. The following properties are guaranteed to be defined:
     * <dl>
     * <dt>java.version         <dd>Java version number
     * <dt>java.vendor          <dd>Java vendor specific string
     * <dt>java.vendor.url      <dd>Java vendor URL
     * <dt>java.home            <dd>Java installation directory
     * <dt>java.class.version   <dd>Java class version number
     * <dt>java.class.path      <dd>Java classpath
     * <dt>              <dd>Operating System Name
     * <dt>os.arch              <dd>Operating System Architecture
     * <dt>os.version           <dd>Operating System Version
     * <dt>file.separator       <dd>File separator ("/" on Unix)
     * <dt>path.separator       <dd>Path separator (":" on Unix)
     * <dt>line.separator       <dd>Line separator ("\n" on Unix)
     * <dt>            <dd>User account name
     * <dt>user.home            <dd>User home directory
     * <dt>user.dir             <dd>User's current working directory
     * </dl>

    private static Properties props;
    private static native Properties initProperties(Properties props);

Since it is a native method, I assume there is a C-File, which does all the magic. Is there a os-specific file which loads the variables via getenv() in C or is this hard coded somehow for specific platforms (regardless from, os.version etc, which have to be dynamic)?

What if the OS is a modified Linux-Kernel with an a as line separator or <foo> as path separator? How can the JVM even know where to search for these native files, if they are stored underneath ..<foo>..<foo>native<foo>amd_xyz before even knowing the path separator?

Is there a way to look into the implementation?

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The JVM implementation is aware of the platform's path separator, so I'm not sure what your last question is about. Whoever writes the (usually C++, I believe) implementation of the JVM for the given platform (HP-UX, AIX, whatever) will deal with that. – Tom G Dec 7 '12 at 19:00
Good question.. – Simze Dec 7 '12 at 19:02
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Have a look at the OpenJDK source. For example the file separator for Linux is defined like this:

inline const char* os::file_separator() {
  return "/"; 
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You can look at all the source in the OpenJDK. Most of the source is available to your IDE from the JDK.

I think you are assuming there is more magic than there is. For the UNIX versions the file.separator is likely to be hard coded as it suggests in the documentation.

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