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I am registering for an event in the constructor...

_data.WeldDataEvent += WeldDataEvent;

and unregistereing in a Cleanup() method called by Page Unloaded event...

_data.WeldDataEvent -= WeldDataEvent;

I have set a breakpoint at each location and when I startup the view, it only gets registered once. and at close it gets unregistered.

BUT, after the 2nd start, I now get 2 events fired. after 3rd start, I now get 3 events fired.

Are there any conditions where an event will not get unregistered? Is there a way to verify the event is unregistered?

Followup Using ANTS Memory profiler, there are no holdout references to my ViewModel or View...so I know they are getting garbagecollected...ie...no events are unregistered...

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Is this an ASP.Net application? –  Josh Dec 7 '12 at 19:00
No, just a standard class library... I am using Ninject and MVVMLight, but didn't see why that would matter in this case. –  faldeland Dec 7 '12 at 19:04

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Turns out through a simulation class I was creating a new simulator each time it was closed and restarted. The events were real.

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