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I want to highlight the relevant menu item by the current url.

here is the html

       <ul class="nav">
            <a href="/ratings">Rate</a>
          <li class="">
            <a href="/ratings/list">All Pics</a>
            <a href="/ratings/new">Upload Your Own</a>

and the simple jquery:

$(function () {
    var active = 'active',
        s = window.location.pathname;

    $('.nav a').each(function (index, item) {
        if (s.indexOf($(this).attr("href")) !== -1) {
            $lastMatch = $(this).closest('li');

    if ($lastMatch.length){

works. But if I navigate to url which is different the ` then a weird bug happens and it does stay 'active'.

I tried debugging with fire bug and I see that the li gets the active class but it gets canceled out by something else and i have no idea what it is.

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Try changing your following line:

if (s.indexOf($(this).attr("href")) !== -1) {

for this one:

if (s.indexOf($(this).attr("href"), s.length - $(this).attr("href").length) !== -1) {

So to compare if both strings match at the end of the string, instead of in any part like you were doing. This way you can avoid the corner case you are having.

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hi nelson, I tried it and it didnt work(didnt go inside the loop at all). As I stated, the relevant li gets the active class at the end of the js script, but Something cancels it afterward in the case of ratings/list/x, maybe it's a rails issue.. –  WebQube Dec 7 '12 at 19:36

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