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I am looking form a test automation frameowrk which can work in Clinet/Server architecture (distributed env) and support a mix of operating systems like Windows, unix/linux and Mac I am currently evaluating and looking for only OpenSource solutions, I found just one framework STAF , any help on pointing out other similar framework would be of great help

This is not for a web based application , but for a application using CLI & GUI interface & no proper API layer :(

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STAF is probably the best option for this sort of thing. It has really good cross-platform support, thorough documentation, and has been pretty stable for years. It's also extensible if you need to customize the services for your own needs.

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STAF does seem to be the standard. However if you have something which will handle the distribution for you then it is easy to hook up results gathering. I might suggest starting with hudson which is actually a distributed build tool with some support for testing through the plugins.

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The Robot Framework has a remote testing library that uses XML-RPC to send commands from the testing framework to remote servers. It has sample remote servers in python and ruby.

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