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How to call a JSF action in WDcalender, i am using WDCALENDAR in JSF RichFaces, To load Edit page need to call an action, below is my code.

I need to replace Edit.jsp with JSF action.

 function Edit(data) {//Edit Link 
                var eurl = 'Edit.jsp?id={0}&start={2}&end={3}&isallday={4}&title={1}';
                if (data) {
                    var url = StrFormat(eurl, data);
                    OpenModelWindow(url, { width: 735, height: 500, caption: "Manage  The Calendar", onclose: function() {

in above code, contents of Edit.jsp will be displayed in a Pop window...

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You can call a method in managed-bean by using a <a4j:jsFunction> component.

function Edit(data) {


<h:form id="test">
    <a4j:jsFunction name="callBeanMethod" action="#{myBean.myAction()}">
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