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I have the following URL rewrite similar to

RewriteRule   ^event/([0-9]+)/$   page1.php?title=$1   [NC,L]

RewriteRule   ^view/([0-9]+)/$    page2.php?id=$1      [NC,L]

When I go to - it goes to the correct URL.

In this page, I have a JavaScript which has the following onclick event

location.href = "view/5/";

In all the browsers this translated as But in IE (both 8 as well as 9) it end up as

It just seems to append to the previous URL.

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IE appears to be behaving as expected. Relative paths in your href should be interpreted as being relative to the current path, since the markup has no knowledge of how things are structured on your server-side, unless of course you tell it.

The issue you're having happens for me in Chrome as well, as it should. If you want relative urls to be resolved based on a base path, you need to either provide that in your href from the beginning, or provide it via a <base> tag in your <head>:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <base href="/app/" />
    <?php var_dump($_GET); ?>
      <li><a href="event/7">Foo</a></li>
      <li><a href="event/6">Bar</a></li>

The above will work as expected because we have instructed the browser to resolve any relative paths based on the href of the <base> element in the <head> section. If you do not do this, the browser is expected to resolve the relative href of any <a> relative to the current path.

Pay special attention to this portion of the spec regarding relative-urls:

User agents must calculate the base URI according to the following precedences (highest priority to lowest):

  1. The base URI is set by the BASE element.
  2. The base URI is given by meta data discovered during a protocol interaction, such as an HTTP header (see [RFC2616]).
  3. By default, the base URI is that of the current document. Not all HTML documents have a base URI (e.g., a valid HTML document may appear in an email and may not be designated by a URI). Such HTML documents are considered erroneous if they contain relative URIs and rely on a default base URI. (emphasis added)

So again, if you wish to see relative href values resolve to your base url, you need to provide that base either in the link itself, or via the <base> element as I have done in the example above.

Additional Things to Consider:

I wanted to return to this question and document some other things to consider that may be relevant. Various methods of accessing the href attribute of an anchor return different results.

Consider the following:

var anchor = document.createElement("a");
    anchor.setAttribute("href", "foo.php?fizz=buzz");

console.log( "href:         " + anchor.href );
console.log( "getAttribute: " + anchor.getAttribute("href") );

Here is the output we see for various versions of Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer 6 - 7:

href:         foo.php?fizz=buzz
getAttribute: foo.php?fizz=buzz

Internet Explorer 8 - 10:

getAttribute: foo.php?fizz=buzz

Since Internet Explorer 8, the .href property automatically resolves a full URI based on the current document location, appending the anchor's href value onto the end. This is the same behavior we see in other modern browsers.

For this reason, if you need to grab only the href value, it's wise to use .getAttribute("href") instead of accessing the .href property.

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Thank you Jonathan for the reply. I forgot to mention that I do have a base path in the header: <base href="http://<?= $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ?>/apps/eventmanager/" />. Still IE8/9 refuses to respect it – Jesbin Baidya Dec 10 '12 at 8:27
I have isolated the problem to javascript. If I use the anchor tag with href <a data-lang='ar' href="event/2/lang/ar/">Ar</a>, then it works fine. However if I have a jquery click event where the location.href is set to event/2/lang/ar/ then it instead goes to /event/2/event/2/lang/ar - as you can see the url is appended to previous URL. This happens only in IE. – Jesbin Baidya Dec 10 '12 at 8:57
@JesbinBaidya What is the actual <base> tag you're using; after the PHP is processed. – Sampson Dec 10 '12 at 14:56
JOnathan, I am using something like <base href="http://<?= $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ?>/apps/eventmanager/" /> – Jesbin Baidya Dec 11 '12 at 15:21
@JesbinBaidya I understand, but what is the final output that is showing up in your HTML? – Sampson Dec 11 '12 at 15:46

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