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I am having trouble updating multiple rows in multiple tables and joining multiple columns, i have to update the expiry date in the table called policy and also give a 10% discount the rate in table called rating_record to all staff who currently have an enforced policy. I can give the 10% discount meeting all criteria but can not figure out how to update the Expiry date - please help!

The code I have up to now is I have to make all staff expiry dates be 31st jan using a 2nd update function. This needs to be done in Oracle 10g using SQL developer

    update rating_record
     set rate=(rate-(100/10)) where exists
    (select rating_record.rate from
    rating_record, coverage, policy, insured_by, client, person, staff
    where = and = and
     client.cid = insured_by.cid and
    policy.pno = insured_by.pno and
     policy.pno = coverage.pno and 
    coverage.coid = rating_record.coid and
     policy.status = 'E');
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FYI: rate-(100/10) takes 10 units off the rate, are you sure that you didn't want (rate * 0.9), or is rate a percentage value? –  Preet Sangha Dec 7 '12 at 22:00

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You can only update values from one base table in an UPDATE statement. You should instead create a procedure, and wrap two update statements (one per table to be updated) in a transaction.

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