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I'm connected to my school server: school.server.com (for the purpose of this example).

I login as one user: user001. When I logged in, my terminal says: user001@home5.

I login as the other user: user002. When I logged in, my terminal reads: user002@home9.

What is home5 and home9? How would I transfer files from user001@home5 to user002@home9 if they are on the same server?

I did some digging, on user user001@home5, I did an ls -la on /home and there are a bunch of user accounts listed, like user005 etcetc, which I assume would all be user00x@home5 if logged in. I did an ls -la on /home of user002@home9 and it's a set of different user accounts.

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They aren't the same server. You're being redirected based on your username.

Nevertheless, to answer your question, you can transfer files from one to the other using scp, through your local workstation:

scp user001@school.server.com:./file1.txt user002@school.server.com:.

Watch the syntax... ':' is a delimiter between the login information (user001@school.server.com) and the file information (./file.txt). In the example above, you'll be copying file1.txt from user001's home directory to user002's home directory.

If the file you want is outside of the user's home (and you have permission to get it, use an absolute path:

scp user001@school.server.com:/etc/motd user002@school.server.com:.  

make sense?

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Nevermind, I just did: scp * user002@home9:public_html/assignment3 and that was it. Everything works.

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:-) I assumed (for some reason) that the two servers couldn't talk to each other. –  Tim A Dec 7 '12 at 20:08

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