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Question about iOS6 peripheral bluetooth connection.

in info.plist if I add UIBackgroundModes bluetooth-peripheral, at app launch it asks permission for first time.

"appname" would like to make data available to nearby bluetooth devices even when you're not using the app "appname" would like to make data available to nearby bluetooth devices even when you're not using the app

if I deny (don't allow) the request, setting - privacy - Bluetooth Sharing - "Appname" turned to "OFF";

I set to listen CBPeripheralManagerDelegate to see if I can, but it always return "ON" even I deny the request. (that's also make sense because it is "on" before it goes to background)

- (void)peripheralManagerDidUpdateState:(CBPeripheralManager *)peripheral{
NSLog(@"%@",[peripheral description]);
NSString *state = nil;
switch (peripheral.state) {
    case CBPeripheralManagerStateResetting:
        state = @"resetting"; break;
    case CBPeripheralManagerStateUnsupported:
        state = @"unsupported"; break;
    case CBPeripheralManagerStateUnauthorized:
        state = @"unauthorized"; break;
    case CBPeripheralManagerStatePoweredOff:
        state = @"off"; break;
    case CBPeripheralManagerStatePoweredOn:
        state = @"on"; break;
        state = @"unknown"; break;
NSLog(@"peripheralManagerDidUpdateState:%@ to %@ (%d)", peripheral, state, peripheral.state);


I see the CBPeripheralManagerStateUnauthorized looks like it shows denied status but I can't get this status even I denied request.

Question is: "Is there any way I can find out user denied background access request?"

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CBPeripheralManager has an authorizationStatus property which reports this information back. (Apple documentation link).

+ (CBPeripheralAuthorizationStatus)authorizationStatus

"Returns the app’s authorization status for sharing data while in the background state. A value indicating whether the app is authorized to share data using Bluetooth services while in the background. For a list of the possible values, see “Peripheral Manager Authorization Status.”"

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Thank you. I was looking for iOS 6 era, but it finally has been implemented on iOS 7. –  Tomohisa Takaoka Oct 24 '13 at 14:54

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