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I have a 'choose file' button I want to use for loading a client side file instead of loading from the server path in loader.load() on line 86. I'm guessing I need to use File API but haven't figured out how after looking at this solution.

Existing web page that loads file from server path in line 86:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    body        {

    div         { 
            background-color: #eeeeee;
            border:1px solid black;             

    canvas      {




<input type="file" name="file" id="file"></input><br><br>   

    <script src="https://raw.github.com/mrdoob/three.js/master/build/three.min.js"></script>

    <script src="https://raw.github.com/mrdoob/three.js/master/examples/js/loaders/STLLoader.js"></script>

    <script src="https://raw.github.com/mrdoob/three.js/master/examples/js/controls/TrackballControls.js"></script>

        var container, camera, scene, renderer, controls;


        function init() {

            container = document.createElement( 'div' );
            document.body.appendChild( container );

            var width = container.clientWidth;
            var height = container.clientHeight;

            camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(

            35,                                     // field of view in degrees?
            width / height,                         // canvas based aspect ratio; use when canvas is smaller than page
            .1  ,                                   // distance to nearest side of rendered space
            10000                                   // distance to farthest side of rendered space

            camera.position.set( 0, 0, 10);

            scene = new THREE.Scene();

            controls = new THREE.TrackballControls( camera , container); 
            controls.addEventListener( 'change', render );

            // object

            var loader = new THREE.STLLoader();
            loader.addEventListener( 'load', function ( event ) {

                var geometry = event.content;

                var material = new THREE.MeshLambertMaterial( { ambient: 0xff5533, color: 0xff5533 } );

                var mesh = new THREE.Mesh( geometry, material );

                scene.add( mesh );

            } );

            loader.load( 'path to .stl file on server usually goes here' );

            // lights

            scene.add( new THREE.AmbientLight( 0x222222 ) );

            var directionalLight = new THREE.DirectionalLight( 0xffffff, 1 );
            directionalLight.position = camera.position;
            scene.add( directionalLight );

            // renderer

            renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer( { antialias: true } );
            renderer.setSize( width , height );
            container.appendChild( renderer.domElement );

            window.addEventListener( 'resize', onWindowResize, false );


        function addLight( x, y, z, color, intensity ) {

            var directionalLight = new THREE.DirectionalLight( color, intensity );
            directionalLight.position.set( x, y, z )
            scene.add( directionalLight );


       function onWindowResize() {   

            camera.aspect = width / height;

            renderer.setSize( width, height );

        function animate() {

            requestAnimationFrame( animate );


       function render() {

           camera.lookAt( scene.position );
           renderer.render( scene, camera );

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I've answered this question in your slightly reformulated question stackoverflow.com/questions/13853301/… – JayC Dec 13 '12 at 16:44

Is the script on a server? In general web browsers are made to not permit file:// references except when the page itself is a file:// reference (and even then you might need to set some security/debug flags, varying according to the browser). So if you are running a webgl script in a page that's accessed via http:// you may be out of luck unless you piggyback through a file service like dropbox.

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Yes it's a typical web page on a server and downloaded into the browser for execution. I agree there are client side file system access limitations but I am certain a web page can accept and process files a user offers it without any server involvement beyond the initial web page download. – ForumLeech Dec 9 '12 at 5:58
@bjorke with the FileApi, it can be done. – JayC Dec 13 '12 at 16:45

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