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I created a blog on I design a template with Photoshop and I'd like to transform it to XML file to make it as blogger template ...

mm what's the solution , can I do this act ! can I generate a xml file from PSD ... I don't know ... I read that I can and I saw a blog about this subject ,but I don't remember where !

any help

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here a site that i have been watching to help with this task i too want to the same thing

i hope this helps

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Page Not Found The page you are looking for could not be found. – M.Ganji Jun 25 '15 at 12:44

You cannot export a psd file to XML or (X)HTML. PSD's contain no logical formatting - they are in essence (for the purposes of this explanation) a raster based image.

In order to convert a PSD to XML, you need to code the XML by looking at the PSD. Do you know HTML/XML? If not, this might be a very audacious task.

Perhaps try reading

There are some nice tips there

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