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For some reason when I connect to my C++ server with Putty I get this

Recv: (string I typed)

This happens everytime I send characters to my server using Putty

Source follows. If nessicary I will post the rest of my source. TYIA -Roland

    void recvthread( void *pParams )    {

        char buffer[128]

        int err;
        bool gonow = true;

        while( true )   {

           memset( buffer, '\0', 128 );

           err = -1;
           err = recv( datasock, buffer, 128, 0 );

            if( err != -1 ) {

              std::cout << "Recv: " << buffer << '\n';
              std::cout << "Err = " << err << '\n';

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I get this:

Recv: (string I typed)

You get the string you typed plus whatever else was left over in the buffer from the previous time. If err is positive it is the number of bytes actually received. If it is zero it means the peer has disconnected and you should stop reading. Don't ignore these values.

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It's an excellent bet that err == 0 here, because the client disconnected. You're right that the code shouldn't go back around for another loop if err < 0, though. – Warren Young Dec 10 '12 at 14:55

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