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I just downloaded Eclipse IDE and Netbeans directly from the websites and installed then in my Ubuntu 12.04. I have some questions:

1 - How can I add their shortcuts in the Ubuntu's sidebar?
2 - When I add shortcuts in desktop using the gnome-desktop-item-edit app, I can't have super user permissions to manipulate then, the Netbeans IDE (that uses a script file to start) shows lots of erros telling that some files are read-only. How can I add sudo privileges in a launcher created with gnome-desktop-item-edit?

Sorry by my poor english.

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I believe Ubuntu's side-bar is your Favorites list. Right-clicking the program icon in the desktop launcher thing (menu-like-object) should give an “add to favorites” option. –  BRPocock Dec 7 '12 at 22:08
Can't find this option BRPocock –  chorajunior Dec 8 '12 at 3:11

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As far as question #1, first, open the program. Find its icon on the side bar, and right-click it, then select “Keep in Launcher.”

As for #2, in Ubuntu, you can edit the item to run with gksudo COMMAND, but that's extremely unwise (running anything with elevated privileges on the desktop. You should probably instead fix the permissions of the relevant files (right-click on the file, and give yourself permission)

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Well, after some days trying to find the better solution for my problem, I think that the better solution is first, Download Eclipse and/or NetBeans IDE from the Ubuntu Software Center and after:

  • For NetBeans: Use the IDE's plugin's manager to download the needed ones, and make (if you want) an IDE update process.
  • For Eclipse: After download, follow the steps of this link.

After follow this, you can easely create favorite links to your "sidebar" if you use Gnome 3 as me, or make desktop shortcuts without needing sudo privileges, just using the gnome-desktop-item-edit tool or whatever you prefer.

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