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I would like to, based on state, display one or the other control assigned to a grid's cell, such as:

<Button x:Name="btnBla" Grid.Row=42 Grid.Column=7></Button>
<TextBlock x:Name="txtblockOh" Grid.Row=42 Grid.Column=7 IsEnabled="false"></TextBlock>

...and then in the code-behind:

btnBla.IsEnabled = someBool;
txtblockOh.IsEnabled = ! btnBla.IsEnabled;

Is this the preferred method to accomplish this?

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if you want to "Show" one at a time as your question states, you should change the Visibility property insted of the IsEnabled.

You CAN do it in code, although I always recommend against manipulating UI elements in code (be it WPF, Silverlight or WinRT), all XAML-based technologies are much friendlier if you use the MVVM way of thinking.

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Ah, yes, Visibility, sure. – B. Clay Shannon Dec 7 '12 at 22:42

Yo can be look at this page: Visibility

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