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We're running a canvas app that has fully localized og tags. Everything is working well except when users choose to manually copy the facebook app url ( into a post.

When that happens, we want the text in the posted message to be in the user's language. Instead, it's always uses the English text from the og: meta tags.

If I could detect which culture the user came from, I could change those meta tags. However I don't see anything in the request header or parameters that are sent from the scraper to indicate where the user is coming from.

I did see that there's an og:locale:alternate tag I could use to specify other languages the page is available in, but unless I get a second request from Facebook with a locale value I don't see how that benefits me.

  • How can I ensure the posted title/description is in the user's language?
  • Must it be done using the Localization section in the Facebook App settings?
    • If so, is there a way to automate it? Our translation workflow is pretty well established and I don't want to send translators into the facebook app to finish the job.
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You most probably need some parameter in the querystring to differentiate the urls. e.g or

this parameter will actually set the active language on your app. And facebook scrapper will cache the localized title/ description from the meta tags.

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