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I have a specific requirement where I have to develop XSLT scripts that produce HTML files for the output of each of the SQL queries (or sets of queries) using javax.sql.rowset.WebRowSet.writeXml(ResultSet rs, OutputStream oStream).

Does anyone know how to achieve this ?

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I don't see any XSLT in the WebRowSet pipeline. Is this what this question is about? If so, I fear you might have to write to a StringWriter or ByteArrayOutputStream and then read the data from there to apply your XSLT using java.xml.transform and a stylesheet with the HTML output method selected. –  MvG Dec 8 '12 at 0:10

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Give writeXml a ByteArrayOutputStream to write to, and then supply this wrapped in a StreamSource as input to the transformation.

If you want to avoid allocating memory for the XML and to stream it directly, then you could achieve that using two threads, but it would be more complicated.

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