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I've recently picked up emacs as a generally editor to replace gedit and vim. The one thing I miss terribly about vim is the git syntax highlighting. I have tried git-el, apparently with no luck.

The vim git-commit highlighting features a "subject line" highlight for the first fifty characters of the first line of the commit message, "error" highlights for the second line, comments, and red and green highlighting for added or removed files (which are themselves written in the precomposed comments.)

Is there a similarly functional syntax highlighting for emacs, and if so, how would I install it?

Thanks very much :)

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I don't really do emacs but I did some quick searching and found git-modes and magit. I imagine that would get you started down the right road.

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Thanks very much! I'd tried magit, but didn't really get into it. I might've failed to install it properly. I wasn't aware of git-modes. It's just as good as vim's git-commit mode. Thank you! –  SashaCrofter Dec 8 '12 at 18:15
Related to git-commit-mode, there are also gitconfig-mode and gitignore-mode packages which will syntax-colour .git/config an d your .gitignore files respectively. –  Stuart Hickinbottom Oct 8 '14 at 10:17

"Git Commit Mode" on EmacsWiki has an overview of mainly historical interest. The (presently somewhat argumentative) page seems to argue that you should use Magit. All roads ultimately lead to git-modes which is allegedly now the default for Magit, too.

(My Ubuntu 14.04 magit does not seem to include it, still. Installing git-commit-mode from Marmalade quickly fixed that.)

A lot of random dot.emacs files in Google seem to include a diff-mode specification for COMMIT_EDITMSG. I don't really see why -- the buffer does not contain a diff, and diff mode disables some useful text editing functions. If you have nothing else out of the box, specifying log-edit-mode would make more sense.

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