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I have implemented facebook authentication for my website with the facebook-omniauth gem. I am simply looking for a "Login From Facebook" button. It seems like facebook only advocates using the login button through the XFBML JS, or through an iframe.

I found that facebook does have various images available on their website:

But how can I get access to all of their available images?? (I know I can get a login from facebook image from a 3rd party, but I wanted to get one straight from facebook - just didn't think fb would make it so hard to do without using their javascript libraries or iframes)

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here you can generate a button ... not the additional attributes and use them to get different sizes f.e.

sized buttons: small, medium, large, xlarge (default: medium).

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Thanks for the suggestion. The reason I did not want to use that approach, is it seems like the fb-login-button does some extra magic in the background. When I apply this class to my previous facebook login link, suddenly, the fb login tries to occur in another window (unsuccessfully, still troubleshooting that issue). Previously, my button correctly redirected the user to login via fb, and then redirected back to my site. I'm debating on just taking a screenshot and using that fb-login-button as an image, instead of applying the class. – user1160958 Dec 8 '12 at 13:58
So I just ended up using the following 3rd party css: – user1160958 Dec 8 '12 at 14:38

Now facebook has their own .png buttons that you can use in your login flow. Download and follow the instructions

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