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Is there a possibility to create events for Google Plus Communities via an API?

The only related post I could find is this one: Is there an API for the Google Plus Events but it only considers requesting events.

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No, the G+ API is currently read-only.

Note: The Google+ API currently provides read-only access to public data. All API calls require either an OAuth 2.0 token or an API key.


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Any date when this will change? –  free_easy Dec 8 '12 at 0:05
Your guess is as good as mine. Consider reading through the docs. –  Madbreaks Dec 8 '12 at 0:06
Did I answer your question? If so, please consider accepting it. –  Madbreaks Dec 8 '12 at 0:13
Good answer, but that sucks Google. –  willdanceforfun Feb 12 '13 at 10:01

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