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I have been writing web code for a few years now and I am stumped. I am writing basic CSS/HTML and my textarea won't input text. my title is there and after double clicking on it, my cursor should indicate it is ready to type.

Any ideas?

My css

.postForm {
    float: right;
    width: 580px;
    height: 80px;

My Html

<div class="postForm">
<form action="profile.php?id=<? echo $_GET['id']; ?>" method="POST">
<textarea style="resize:none;font-family:Comic Sans MS; font-size:12pt;overflow: hidden;" id="post" name="post" class="auto-clear" rows="1" cols="60" title="Publish your thoughts...">     
<input style="position:relative;margin-left:450px;margin-top:-66px;" type="image" name="send" value="Post" src="post.png" />

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It is accepting input. Put your cursor in the textarea and hold down any key for a few seconds. It will eventually wrap down. The problem is caused by the overflow being hidden. Also postForm floating the element right is not helping matters.

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You don't use the value parameter on textareas, but do this: <textarea>example text</textarea>

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Looking at Kevin's answer and looking at the question again, I might have misunderstood the question. But the fact that the thread starter used the value parameter (for filling the empty textarea) still resides. –  chrki Dec 8 '12 at 0:17

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