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I actually ignored the git integration that IntelliJ has and I was recently frustrated with the diff tools that git comes with by default, I noticed how intellij has a very nice way of seeing the history for a given file, and comparing previous versions etc.

What are some cool/useful git integration tips and tricks you like with IntelliJ?

  1. I would like to see some keyboard shortcuts, like if I am on a file, I want to quicky open up the history view or compare with the last commigted file.

  2. Is it possible to compare commits? (not just a single file)

BTW, what diff tool does IntelliJ use by default, it's pretty good!

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You can view IntelliJ IDEA's default keymap reference card to see what's available starting out.

I don't believe there is a default keyboard shortcut assigned to showing the current file history, but you can specifically assign a shortcut to show file history:

Settings → Keymap → (in the search box on the right type: "history" to narrow the options) → assign your desired keyboard shortcut to "Git: Show History"

While it is definitely possible to compare various revisions of a file from different commits, I'm not sure what else you would want to do to compare commits beyond the scope of a single file, but when reviewing commits, you can view all of the changes in the commit, showing all the diffs, one file at a time.

As far as their diff tool is concerned, I believe it was internally developed and is part of their version control featureset.

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so how can I compare 2 changesets, and then drill down to compare a file against another? –  Blankman Dec 8 '12 at 20:44

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