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I am trying to Insert "HTTP Request Defaults" values dynamically from the command prompt so that I can run my tests against different servers. However, I can't find a place in the test GUI where I can enter ${__P(hostname,www.dummy.org)}. Is it in the "Server name or IP" field or in the "Path" field?

In the Apache user manual, it says:

For example, you might define the following on the Test Plan:

HOST www.example.com

You can refer to these in the test plan as ${HOST} ${THREADS} etc. If you later want to change the host, just change the value of the HOST variable. This works fine for small numbers of tests, but becomes tedious when testing lots of different combinations. One solution is to use a property to define the value of the variables, for example:

HOST ${__P(host,www.example.com)}
THREADS ${__P(threads,10)}
LOOPS ${__P(loops,20)}

You can then change some or all of the values on the command-line as follows:

jmeter ... -Jhost=www3.example.org -Jloops=13

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You can put it in : Server name or IP But only the host name.

Path after hostname must be put in Path field

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