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How do I set tab width of JavaFX TextArea ?

When I use tabulation (tab key) in TextArea, the width of the tabulation is wide. I want to control the width, i.e., use 4 spaces. In the documentation I could not find a method to do this.

I tried this code (where taInput is a TextArea), but it is not working as it should:

taInput.setOnKeyPressed(new EventHandler<KeyEvent>() {
    public void handle(KeyEvent e) {
        if (e.getCode() == KeyCode.TAB) {
            // TAB SPACES
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(config.getTabSpacesCount());
            for (int i=0; i<config.getTabSpacesCount(); i++) {
                sb.append(' ');
            taInput.insertText(taInput.getCaretPosition(), sb.toString());
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I tried to solve a similar problem without replacing the tabs with spaces ... see stackoverflow.com/questions/27585668/… – Kolban Dec 22 '14 at 0:24
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Finally I found a way to do this.

It seems that the setOnKeyPressed() method is not good for this task because the event is handled after the keyPress action is executed.

The addEventFilter() handles the events before their actions are executed, so you can manipulate the events.

My new code:

taInput.addEventFilter(KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED, new EventHandler<KeyEvent>() {
    public void handle(KeyEvent e) {
        if (e.getCode() == KeyCode.TAB) {
            String s = StringUtils.repeat(' ', config.getTabSpacesCount());
            taInput.insertText(taInput.getCaretPosition(), s);
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your code also executes same logic for combination of TAB key with set of modifiers ( shift, control, alt, meta or shortcut). Meaning In TextArea

Pressing TAB key = Ctrl(modifier) + TAB = .... = your logic.

To fix this issue , you have to use KeyCombination

Sample Code :

                new EventHandler<KeyEvent>() {
                    final KeyCombination combo = new KeyCodeCombination(
                    public void handle(KeyEvent event) {
                          // check for only tab key
                        if (combo.match(event)) {
                                    "I am not real TAB");

now Pressing TAB key results "I am not Real TAB" , ctrl+TAB will highlight the next Node on the scene.

Reference :

Correctly Checking KeyEvents


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Ok, thanks. I don't need this behavior now, but is good to know. – ceklock Dec 9 '12 at 22:10

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