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I am looking for an editor like redactor or tinymce that supports editing XSLT, but has the means to display the resulting html.

My detailed requirement is that I need to provide my users with an html interface to create a template for emailing lists of products to their customers. These lists have a variable length - they can provided as XML or Json.

My users are not too technical savvy, so if it would be possible for them to build most of the template in pure html and add the "template" part of it it would be great.

I was thinking that an editor like redactor that actually accepted xlst would be great, users would switch to the "code view" and add the xlst code to iterate on the list of products, etc.

If I don't find an alternative I will have to create my own template language based on html (basically using data-xxx properties) but XLST is way more powerful than what I can create (and it is also an standard).

BTW: I found this which has the concept of what I want, but I would like a nice looking solution like redactor.

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I fail to see how this is not constructive. An editor component like the one that I am looking for either exists or not. I am certainly not soliciting debate, polling, or extended discussion. –  rufo Dec 10 '12 at 14:42

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