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I'm attempting the exact same RegEdit clone project as discussed here and just like Darxis, I have been stumped by the "Edit Binary Value" dialog.

I believe the font used is the original Courier (not Courier New), but since this is an old-fashioned bitmap font, I can't use it in a modern C# WinForms project. I've tried every TTF version of Courier that I could find on the net, and none of them reproduce 0's in the same way as the original (i.e. four straight lines and no curves).

Call me anal but, like Darxis, I want the exact same look as Microsoft Registry Editor for my version. Then on top of the annoying backwards-incompatibility issues, every TTF font that I've installed just for this purpose has caused VS2012 to blurt out "Only TrueType fonts are supported. This is not a TrueType font", which is absolute BS!!

I've even tried creating an old GDI LOGFONT and using that (as described here) and that gives me the same dreaded error message about non-TrueType fonts. So is there any way to get old fonts (particularly coure.fon in C:\Windows\Fonts) to work with a C# project?! I am just about at my wits end over something so trivial and stupid, but I won't be able to rest until I figure it out!

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me solve this very annoying problem :-)

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