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When I have a pandas timestamps like so:



[<Timestamp: 2011-04-16 00:00:01>,
 <Timestamp: 2011-04-16 00:00:21>,
 <Timestamp: 2011-04-16 00:00:46>,
 <Timestamp: 2011-04-16 00:01:08>,
 <Timestamp: 2011-04-16 00:01:33>,
 <Timestamp: 2011-04-16 00:01:55>,

How would I get the differences of these time stamps?

I found a brute for it like so:


but it would be nice if it's possible to get back an answer in datetime.timedeltas directly from pandas. Maybe it is, I just haven't found it yet?

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If you use a pandas Series rather than a list, you can use its diff method:

s = Series(uni_index)

For example:

In [45]: s
0    2012-02-01 10:00:00
1    2012-02-01 10:01:00
2    2012-02-01 10:02:00
3    2012-02-01 10:03:00

In [46]: s.diff()
0        NaN
1    0:01:00
2    0:01:00
3    0:01:00
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hm, I could swear I tried that out, but maybe not. Thx! And it looks like you found a bug in stackoverflow's markdown code display. –  K.-Michael Aye Dec 8 '12 at 20:44

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