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It's word wrapping after 5 columns when there's enough space for all in one line. For example:

print array
([32235, 2323424, 2342342
3525324, 234234])
([234234, 23423, 543535,
76572, 23424])

Using python Idle, and I tried changing the initial window size preferences. The restart bar extends all the way across but not the numpy array ouput.

Can't seem to find the answer after searching around either. I'm sick and would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

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I'm sorry, I can't replicate the issue (admittedly not using IDLE, which may be the issue). How is array defined? –  Logan Dec 8 '12 at 4:30
It comes from a csv file turned into lists of lists and then into numpy array. I feel like the precision is set higher than the printarray usually allocates per cell. Numbers are about this long 5.22474679 5.18417234 –  Shinjitsu Dec 8 '12 at 4:40

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Try using np.vectorize:

printer = np.vectorize(lambda x:'{0:5}'.format(x,))
print printer(b).astype(object)

Or try using np.set_printoptions:

Exactly as shown in IDLE:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> x=np.random.random(10)
>>> x
array([ 0.72239823,  0.69938461,  0.85466846,  0.03294278,  0.06698482,
        0.04137562,  0.4223521 ,  0.81317235,  0.62221494,  0.6205595 ])
>>> np.set_printoptions(precision=3)
>>> print(x)
[ 0.722  0.699  0.855  0.033  0.067  0.041  0.422  0.813  0.622  0.621]
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@Shinjitsu did it work for you? –  enginefree Dec 8 '12 at 5:08
Yep! Thank you! Sorry for taking a while I crashed afterwards. It was a good workaround, and I'm surprised it had that basically default issue with little documentation. Hope you have a great weekend! –  Shinjitsu Dec 8 '12 at 20:37

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